Finding Balance on Freshman Retreat

Post 2 for #MTBoSBlaugust checking in from Freshman retreat!

Our school has an advisory/homeroom that you follow through their high school career. I just graduated my 1st homeroom and it was truly bittersweet. I spent 4 years getting to know these students. After graduation, I was nervous starting over with freshman would fee like an uphill climb.

But as we’ve spent time on Freshman Retreat doing icebreakers, paddling canoes, and attempting the ropes course, I’m reminded of one thing. THEY ARE STILL KIDS. Friendship, room to grow, and “play time” need to be a part of our community and classrooms.

As we head back to school, I hope to push them academically and stretch them mentally. The right tasks, lessons, and ideas can bring learning, play, and community together. But I also need to recognize when to pull back some. More procedural problems probably isn’t the answer. Overloading doesn’t do anyone any good.

Give them time for sports, clubs, and friends/family. Help find a balance between Algebra and Fortnite. Ask myself, “Will a few more probability questions make that much difference?”

And I hope I remember my successful paddle boarding and the feeling of relaxation of coffee on the deck. Because this can be fun for me too!

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